We have always loved good food and cooking healthy, from scratch meals. We were blessed to purchase our 8 acre property from an auction over a decade ago and have always tried to steward this land in a way that it could provide a lot of our own organic foods. After the first few years of casual gardening, our plot grew large enough to take extra produce and herbs to the local farmers markets. We love the farmers market community and were hooked so Sunray Natural Farm was born! Our farm name is a glimpse into our soul as we embrace the sun light and a more natural way of coexisting with our great world. We have always allowed our farm to grow and change based on what our like-minded community wanted, not just what we thought it needed. That concept, coupled with our desire to be more sustainable, has led us to provide top quality herbs, create our expansive product line, produce the finest quality chicken and duck eggs, offer beautiful farm raised puppies and there is more to come!


We began growing and selling veggies, gourmet salad mixes and fresh herbs. As time went on we decided to expand our offerings based on what our community was lacking and began to create our organically grown herb and spice blends along with specialty tea blends. Soon after we also bolstered our chicken flock and raised a bunch of ducks for non-GMO eggs as well. At the time there was a complete lack of farm fresh, non-gmo and organically fed eggs at market so we stepped up to offer such. These days we grow many heirloom varieties of amazing herbs, keep a large flock of chickens and ducks for eggs, as well as produce our 70+ product line. You can shop us at the local Farmers Markets all around CO or just order from ourĀ Online Store. We strive to operate our farm in a sustainable manner, where everything we put our effort towards can help the farm in several meaningful ways. Shop Our Store Now!

Farm Store

We are hoping to open our own little Homestead Store and apothacary, right on our farm in Fort Collins, CO. What was once a 6 car garage unfortunately burned down and so we plan to rise from the ashes!

Sunray Natural Homestead Store
5656 North Highway 1, Fort Collins CO 80524
Opening March 2021 – Monday thru Friday 1pm-6pm
At this time we are haven’t yet been able to open but we still can be found online and at local farmers markets and craft shows.

Call Josh to schedule a farm visit. 970-980-9393


Call anytime 970-980-9393